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Frequently Asked Questions

All packages come with the items that you’ve purchased, borax powder (used to make slime activator), and a slime care instruction card.

Slimes are not edible. Slime is a TOY for playing only. Never consume slime or any materials that come with it (glitter, charms, etc.), as they are a choking hazard and may cause sickness. 


With proper care, slimes can last for a few months. However, slimes are normal to deflate or melt over time due to the nature of slime ingredients. All slimes expire over time, and it is unavoidable.

To keep your slime in a good state for as long as possible, make sure to wash your hands before playing and play on a clean surface to avoid debris or bacteria from getting into your slime. After playing, store your slime in an airtight container and a cool environment. Reactivate your slime frequently using a slime activator to avoid your slime from melting. If the slime has been in the deflated state for a long time, it may be time for a new slime!


Slime is a fun and therapeutic sensory toy that is good for ages 8 and up. Please keep slime away from ages under 4 as slime poses a risk of being a choking hazard. 

Unfortunately because slime is a handmade item we do not accept returns/exchanges. We can happily swap out your order for a different kind of equal value if you contact us before it is shipped out, but after your order is shipped all sales are final. 

Shipping & Handling

Please allow 1-3  full business days for your order to be processed and be shipped. For international orders please allow 8-12 business days for your order to be processed and shipped.